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What is Hijama or Cupping?

What is Hijama

The therapy of cupping is gaining huge popularity these days. It has a lot of health benefits and improves overall health. Before we discuss cupping, let us know What is Hijama? The term hijama is also called cupping or suction tube therapy. 

This is an old therapy belonging to the Middle East and China. Cupping is one of the most ancient Chinese medical therapies. This therapy gives effective results in your body. 

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About Hijama 

The purpose of cupping is a create vacuum on the skin. Under cupping therapy, the cups are placed on the skin to create a vacuum. It will further create pressure and boost blood circulation in those areas where the cups are placed. 

The next question that will come to your mind is what does cupping do? Well, cupping therapy is used in the treatment of many health issues such as paralysis and body pain. Apart from that, hijama therapy also reduces chronic conditions such as body pain and muscle pain. 

Cupping therapy works by improving blood flow in the body. It improves the total physical and mental health within some weeks. 

These days, people choose natural therapies over other kinds of treatments. Many young and old people choose cupping therapy to get better physical health. They also say that cupping therapy is very comfortable and effective for their health. This is the real magic of Chinese Medicine. 

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There are many other benefits of cupping therapy. It improves overall health as well as enhances your look. Besides, it also reduces the symptoms of certain health diseases. 

If you get sick anytime, choose Hijama therapy. It will help to treat a lot of health problems. Cupping therapy also improves physical health and makes your health look better each day. 

Types of Hijama

Now, let us discuss the kinds of cupping. It is of two types namely

Under both these two types of cupping, the therapist will put herbs or alcohol in a cup and put it on fire. After the fire disappears, the cup is placed on your skin. This cup creates a vacuum that expands your blood vessels. 

The modern cup contains a rubber pump to create a vacuum on the skin. Some therapists also use silicone cups on the skin. 

Wet cupping creates a light suction on the skin. In the wet cupping type of therapy, the therapist will remove the cup and use a tiny scalpel to make small cuts on the skin. Then, the therapist will do a second suction to pull a small quantity of blood. Finally, the bandage is applied to the skin by the therapist to stop infection. 

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This blog gives an idea of what is cupping, its types, and the benefits of cupping therapy for your body and mind. It is one of the best therapies for people who suffer from muscle pain, inflammation, and joint pain. 

If you want to improve your overall health, choose Hijama therapy and gain better flexibility and focus in some weeks. 

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