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Cupping Aftercare – Things to Do Before & After Hijama Process?

Cupping Aftercare

Cupping therapy is popular in many countries of the world because of its magical power. It is a traditional therapy that reduces problems such as muscle pain, joint pain, and inflammation. 

Many patients today choose cupping therapy to get relief from mental and physical problems. One has to follow some important tips after taking cupping therapy. In this blog, we will discuss hijama aftercare tips to be followed by patients.

Cupping Aftercare Process

To gain the maximum benefits of cupping therapy, you must follow some important things such as:

  1. Cover the areas of treatment 

One of the most important things in cupping aftercare treatment is to cover the areas where cupping is done. These areas must be covered to avoid any infection, bleeding, or further damage.

  1. Keep your body hydrated 

After taking cupping therapy, one must keep the body hydrated. Water helps to eliminate toxins and wastes in the body. You must drink 9 to 10 glasses of water a day after taking cupping therapy. 

    1. Take enough sleep  

Patients who take cupping therapy feel tired and get some side effects like body pain and headaches. Regular sleep is very necessary for the body. It reduces body pain and relaxes your mind as well. 

Things to Avoid After Cupping Therapy

After taking cupping therapy, you have to avoid certain things such as:

  • One should not consume caffeine, sugary foods, drinks, and alcohol for around 7 hours after cupping therapy.
  • Do not take hot showers, strong air conditioning, or sauna bath after cupping therapy. Heat treatment will damage your skin
  • Do not exercise for too long after taking cupping treatment 
  • Do not roam in cold climates after taking cupping therapy 

Preparation tips for cupping therapy

If you are going for a cupping massage, prepare yourself by practicing certain things such as:

  1. Avoid shaving the area 

Before going for a cupping massage, do not shave the area where you have to receive cupping therapy. Shaving might cause cuts or some injuries in those areas. 

  1. Drink water 

Water is beneficial for the lymphatic system and helps to remove cellular water from the body. So, you must drink enough water before going for a cupping massage. 

  1. Do not exfoliate 

Exfoliating your skin will make it sensitive and prone to cuts and wounds. So, do not go for exfoliation right before getting a cupping massage. 

  1. Eating food 

You must eat meals before 1 to 2 hours of cupping massage. Keep a gap of 1 to 2 hours between the meals and cupping massage to relax your body. 

  1. Treat sunburns 

If you are going for a cupping massage, treat your sunburns by applying Aloe Vera or other natural creams. Sunburns might cause pain and so you need to treat them immediately before going for cupping therapy.

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