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Cup Cure Cupping Courses: Classroom Workshops & Online Course

A Certified Cupping (Hijama) Therapy Training Provider, Trusted by Over 1000+ Trainees

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Classroom Hijama Training


Offline Classroom Training

Online Course

Online Hijama Training


Course Language: Hindi/Urdu with English Subtitles

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Cosmetic Facial Cupping


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Chemical Peel Course


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Hijama Certification: Become a Cupping Therapist Online at CUPCURE

If you are an enthusiast of old age medical remedies and cupping therapies, and if you are looking for a course to enhance your knowledge in this field, then Cup Cure can help you with their convenient online courses where you can boost your medical career easily. We are one of the best cupping therapy certification course centre in Mumbai where we help candidates gain an upper hand in hijama therapy via virtual assistance. Our team of professions through their expertise in cupping therapy provides the students with all the intricacies of this ancient healing treatment. You can enroll yourself with us at Cup Cure and gain extensive knowledge in order to become a certified therapist from the comfort of your home.

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What Does Cupping Therapy Mean?

Having originated in China, Cupping Therapy which is also known as Hijama Therapy is a process where several cups are positioned on the targeted area’s skin of a person. These cups are placed on the affected area of a person’s body where they create a suction and produces a partial vacuum and thus, improves the blood flow beneath the skin of where these cups were placed. This helps in the improvement of blood flow and also promotes cell repair in a person’s body.

Classified Learning of the Different Types of Cupping Therapy

Our cupping therapy certification courses at Cup Cure, is generally focused on two major types of hijama therapy, that is:
The various conditions that Hijama can help patients with in the diploma in hijama cupping therapy with Cup Cure are:

Important Details Covered in Our Online Hijama Couse

We are one of the best names in the market when it comes to learning and undertaking various types of Cupping Therapy courses. Being a renowned name in Mumbai, we are your right step towards becoming an efficient hijama expert. So, if you are interested in our online hijama certification courses, here are a few details below for you to have a better insight on the various proportions of the course and the highlights that follows.

Some More Details About the Course

The total time duration of the core module of diploma in cupping therapy course is 150 hours. However, a person is free to complete the course according to his own pace and convenience. For a better learning experience, we provide our students with a provision to complete the level-3 furtherance according their own speed.
Each student, on completion of the cupping therapy diploma course, gets two certificates each:

Various Job Opportunities to Look Forward to On Completion of the Online Cupping Course at Cup Cure

After a person has successfully completed the wet cupping certification course along with the other cupping course, they can aim for the below mentioned job profiles with the help of their effective certificates:

Why Choose Us?

Cup Cure comes across as a reliable and dependable hijama class online that is not an easy task to achieve these days. Besides serving the knowledge of these therapies through a virtual course required expert knowledge and technique which is again fulfilled efficiently by Cup Cure. While it is challenging to find a trustworthy centre who provides excellent knowledge backed up by a competitive cupping therapy course fees, our centre is indeed one of the best platforms to gain expert knowledge about hijama therapy in detail. Some key benefits of choosing Cup Cure as your favourable cupping therapy certification course provider are mentioned as below:

Highly Experienced Faculty

We at Cup Cure, promote learning of all our candidates only with the help of a highly experienced team of professionals who have in depth and expertise knowledge in the field of hijama therapy. Our centre does not compromise on the quality of education and hence, we make sure that each member on our portal has immense understanding and exposure in his area of teaching. Learn more about our efficient team by joining our hijama course online.

Affordable Fee Structure

If you are looking for a top notch centre who provides high level learning experience along with a decent hijama course fees structure, in such cases, Cup Cure is your one stop destination. We are experts when it comes to providing world class knowledge, both practical and theoretical, at an affordable price. Along with being economical, our courses come across as highly feasible for all our enrolled candidates.

Lifelong Support

Our association does not end with the end of the course. In fact, we provide all our students with a life long assistance, whenever needed, even after the completion of their course and cater to all their doubts without any hesitation.

Accessibility to Huge Library Resources

Our centre, Cup Cure has a vast library and students who enrol with us get a free accessibility to this library. The library is maintained and designed in such a way that one can find any book and journal to gain a detailed insight even on the smallest of information about hijama therapy. This library also helps students in various researches as we have books from all around the world at our disposal.

Registered and Accredited

Cup Cure is entirely registered and accredited by recognized government bodies that gives a sense of proud to us and also, a sense of confidence to our students. By joining us and attaining certificates from Cup Cure will prove highly beneficial and bring immense value to one’s career. So get yourself enrolled now with CUPCURE.
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