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The Growing Popularity of Cupping Therapy

The Growing Popularity of Cupping Therapy: Trends and Insights

The traditional therapies of Cupping are widely used today in the medical field to cure various problems. They are mainly used for the treatment of body pain, inflammation, and low immune levels in the body.

This therapy is performed in many countries of the world such as China, Tibet, and Korea. It was widely used in Arabic countries by top-notch medical practitioners and therapists. Today, even many notable athletes and celebrities in the United States are following cupping therapy to treat various physical and mental issues.

Cupping therapy in short

Cupping therapy is a kind of alternative medicine applied to reduce muscle pain in various areas of the body. In this therapy, the suction cups are used to create suction on the affected areas of the body. These cups are normally made of materials such as glass, wood, or plastic. They help to alleviate pain in the body and increase flexibility in various areas.

There are 2 types of cupping therapies namely wet cupping and dry cupping. Let us have a look at both therapies in detail in this section:

  1. Wet cupping

In wet cupping, the cups are placed for a few minutes and then removed from the body. Then the therapists will make small cuts on the skin where the cups were kept. The new cups are then placed on those affected areas of the skin. This therapy will remove toxins from the body thereby increasing immune levels.

  1. Dry cupping

In dry cupping, the therapists will heat the inner part of the cups with the flame and keep them on affected areas of the body. The pressure inside the cup will change and create a vacuum that pulls the skin.

Reasons for the growing popularity of cupping therapy in the recent times

Cupping therapy is now getting huge popularity among celebrities and athletes because of various reasons:

  • Cupping therapy is safe and helps to treat medical conditions naturally.
  • The cost of cupping therapy is lower than other medical treatments and therapies.
  • There are no major side effects of cupping therapy on the body and the mind.
  • You will gain many health benefits by choosing cupping therapy.

Final words

Cupping therapy is suitable for most people except those who suffer from some blood-related disorders. You can ask your family doctor or physician whether you must go for cupping therapy or not.

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