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Cupping Therapists: Become A Certified Hijama Practitioner To Earn Income Expectations vs Reality

Cupping Therapists

Because of the rising need for cupping therapists, becoming one has been more profitable in recent years. Moreover, if you get trained professionally and have a diploma in Hijama cupping therapy, your benefits list even doubles up, and your income too.

A cupping therapists role is to generate suction by placing specific cups on the skin. It causes the tissue beneath the cup to pull up and expand, increasing blood flow to the injured area. Want to become a certified practitioner to help your community? We are here to help. Before we move any further, here are few things you need to know.

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Why Should You Become a Certified Hijama Practitioner?

The career of a professional hijama course is fulfilling and adds more value to your life. Not only does it benefit you as an individual, but it also helps your community and many people get to know about Cupping. Here is how:

  • It will promote awareness and respect for Hijama and, more significantly, as you gain recognition, it will build awareness and respect for yourself within your community.
  • As the natural health industry is booming, you can have a fulfilling opportunity and income as a practitioner.
  • You will enjoy a meaningful life with a sense of accomplishment in the hijama diploma course.

How Much Does a Cupping Therapists Earn?

You can either do a long course or a short hijama course from any recognized institute. After completing these courses, you can pursue careers as practitioner, Cupping Therapists, Massage Therapists, Acupuncturists, and others.

The average salary for these job categories is between INR 3.5 and 4 LPA, approximately.

How to Make a Successful Career in Cupping Therapy?

To become a successful Hijama Practitioner, you must go through three stages:

  • Concentrate and begin practicing.
  • Replace your income and start paying your debts.
  • Add tangible items for sale and other services. When it comes to being a Cupping practitioner as a job, instead of merely becoming a cupping Practitioner, we suggest you become a Hijama Entrepreneur or a Business.
  • Entrepreneurs create opportunities for others in the areas of health, money, spirituality, and life.

Join CUPCURE and Become a Certified Hijama Practitioner!

CUPCURE is a well-known Mumbai-based team of expert cupping therapists whose goal is to revive this long-forgotten Sunnah and use it to promote the well-being of the Ummah. They provide three courses on cupping treatment and specifically target females to provide training and financial empowerment. Their well-versed courses will help you in becoming a professional Hijama practitioner. Join their different courses at a reasonable price and get a fulfilling career out of facial cupping training!


Hijama is not just a sunnah, but also a holistic medicinal method. As a certified Hijama practitioner, you are giving individuals a service that will improve their lives. There is nothing wrong with having a meaningful profession that allows you to make a good income while also delivering a much-needed service. We hope this article provided you with some information on cupping therapy. Be a successful Hijama therapist and serve your community with the natural ancient treatment’s magic!

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