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Hijama Plan for Weight Loss


Since ancient times, cupping therapy has been used in curing a variety of physical and mental problems. It is also a beneficial therapy for weight loss. Cupping therapy helps to lose weight and get back the figure into shape.

There are various benefits of cupping for weight loss and obesity. In this blog, we will discuss how Hijama therapy is useful in reducing the weight of the body. We will also discuss how this therapy the different benefits of cupping therapy in weight loss.

One-Month Hijama Plan for Effective Weight Loss

  1. Fasting for 2 Days a week, Preferably Monday & Thursday. (Regularly for 4 weeks)
  2. As soon you get up in the Morning first thing to have 2 Triphala tablets (Ayurvedic Herb – a mixture of 3 Herbs)  + 500 ml lukewarm water. (Regularly for 4 weeks)
  3. First week: 13-15 Cups on the back of the body covering from Kaahil Points (C7+T1 Spinal Junction) till Waraq Point (4CM Diagonal to PSIS)
  4. Second week: 7-9 Cups on Head covering Yakoof & Kamaduha Point Importantly. (Head Cupping is for making Hormone Balance)
  5. Now from the second week, you have to reduce your Roti & Rice by 30% + Chia Seeds with Water before 30 min of Meal.
  6. Third week: 9 -11 Cups in front torso covering Chest & abdomen area.
  7. Fourth week: The Cupping Session will be the same as we did in the first session

Note: I have not given you any diet to follow but If you follow a calorie-deficit diet then the result will be more effective & you may lose up to 5 Kg as well.


Benefits of getting Hijama therapy for weight loss

The benefits of cupping therapy in weight loss are multiple. Have a look at the various benefits of Hijama therapy for weight loss in the below section:

1. Increases blood supply in the body

Hijama therapy improves blood circulation in the full body. It also aids to speed up the process of metabolism in the body. Besides, cupping therapy also helps in accelerating the fat-burning process. It helps to remove fatty deposits stored in the body and prevents the formation of fat cells.

2. Removes toxins in the body

The therapy of cupping in weight loss helps to remove toxins from the body. It also helps to speed up the process of metabolism in the body. Removal of toxins will help to reduce fats in the body and make your body slim and trim. This therapy also improves the immune system and stops the accumulation of fats in the body.

3. Removes cellulite from the body

Cellulite is nothing but fats stored in various parts of the body. Cupping therapy helps to eliminate cellulite that gets stored in the different parts of the body. It also makes your figure slim within some weeks. The therapy works to improve your appearance and makes you look beautiful in some weeks.

4. Helps to manage frequent hunger

One of the major hijama benefits for weight loss is that it helps to control food cravings. Apart from that, the therapy also manages frequent hunger and makes you feel full for a long time. It helps in controlling the weight of the body and losing a few pounds as well.

5. Helps to increase energy levels

Cupping therapy helps to boost energy levels in the body by reducing fats. It helps to make you feel active for long hours while working at home or exercising at the gym. Cupping therapy reduces tiredness and fatigue in the body.

Final words

These are some of the major benefits before and after hijama for weight loss. It helps to reduce obesity and stubborn fats in the body. The therapy helps in reducing cellulite in the body and controlling extra weight as well.

It is a safe technique to gain back your figure without any major side effects or ill conditions.


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