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Hijama for Head

Hijama for Head

Hijama therapy has been suggested for many years by medical experts for the treatment of various health issues. It also has a cure for certain mental problems such as stress, depression, and anxiety.

The effect of hijama in head is positive and helps to increase blood circulation to the brain. In this blog, we will discuss the different benefits of cupping therapy on the head with the process of how this therapy works.

How does cupping therapy work on the head?

Cupping therapy as the name says includes the use of cups. The Hijama therapist will place the cups on the head for certain minutes to create suction in various areas. Cups help in improving blood circulation in the head. The therapist will make several slits on the various areas of the head to take blood on the temples and crown.

The blood will accumulate inside the cups and convert into a jelly-like element. The patient will not feel any kind of pain or discomfort in this process.

How is Hijama therapy beneficial for the head?

There are multiple benefits of hijama on head which we will discuss in this section:

1. Prevents hair fall

One of the major benefits of head hijama is the control of hair loss. It increases blood supply to various areas of the scalp and promotes hair growth. Besides, this therapy also helps in reducing thinning of hair.

2. Reduces dandruff from the hair

Hijama is beneficial for people who suffer from the problem of dandruff. This therapy improves blood circulation in the different areas of the head and reduces dandruff. Apart from that, the therapy also keeps the hair black for a long time. It reduces premature greying of hair.

3. Solution for baldness

Baldness is one of the most common issues found in young men these days. Suction in Hijama therapy will improve blood circulation on the head and grow hair on the bald patches. It will also regrow the hair in large volume and make one look young for a long time.

4. Grows hair in large volume

An increase in the blood supply in the scalp will make it stronger than before. Hijama therapy will prevent hair loss and help to grow voluminous hair on the scalp. It also cures many other hair problems such as low density of hair and excess oil removal from the scalp.

5. Reduces stress and depression

Hijama therapy helps to relieve stress and depression. It also brings better mood patterns and makes you feel mentally relaxed for a long time.

Final words

Many doctors these days do hijama on head without shaving to cure different problems related to hair. This therapy will bring back the hair on bald patches and make them strong.

This therapy is safe and painless and does not cause any major side effects in the body. It gives long-term benefits to your hair and cures many other mental issues. Hijama therapy is recommended by many best therapists and doctors for curing hair problems.


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