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Hijama Diploma in Delhi on 18-19 May 2024

An Intense cupping course covering all types of Wet Cupping on Skin, Face, Head, Legs etc with an Online Course on Wet Cupping Only
2 Days of classroom practical training.

I truly appreciated how effectively CUP CURE team taught us the art of hijama in just two days, with personalized attention from the professionals. Their provision of a practice kit, complimentary lunch and overall comfort made the learning experience exceptional..... Alhamdulillah!! we've gained a lot of confidence. The practical knowledge shared by the team is truly remarkable.... I am impressed by their dedication and effort..... Heartfelt thanks to the entire team (Dr. Shahezad, Firoz Shaikh, Feroze Sayyed, and Nazir Shaik) for their outstanding support. It's definitely a worthwhile investment... May Allah SWT bless all of us with good health and enriching knowledge... Aameen....

Excellent course contents and the trainer's are amazing. Mr. Nazir is one of the best mentor I ever had. Practice sessions were very good. I would love to join you again whenever I have opportunity.

One of the best hijama institute in india ..with best staff which give you greatest knowledge of hijama as well as social counseling .

Bhot maza aaya bhot se dost Bane bhot kuch dekhne aur seekhne Mila umeed se zyada mila sab friend sir aur staff ko miss ker rahi hu

It was a wonderful experience.The team is cooperative and eager to help. Nazir sir is one of the best teachers.He knows his content thoroughly. Worth every penny. Thanks to the team

Alhamdulillah very good experience with Nazir sir and tahura ma'am and staff also keep growing ✨😊

The best part of the course is the theory matter which is explained beautifully The staff is very helpful Thank you

Got to know a lot about cupping therapy. And the instructors were very helpful and has guided us throughout the sessions. Overall the experience was very enlightening and knowledgeable.

नमस्कार मैं जयप्रकाश बंसल अगरवाल पत्रकार दै. आज का आनंद & संध्यानंद पुणे, मुंबई Cup Cuar इंस्टीट्यूट से मेने कपिंग हिजामा डिप्लोमा कोर्स पूरा किया, Cup Cuar की पुरी टीम को धन्यवाद, खास कर Dr.Nazir sir और Dr.Sajida Mam को तहेदिल से धन्यवाद. कम पैसों में जितना आप ने हमें सिखाया है शायद ही दुसरा कोई सिखा पायें. और जिस ढंग से सिखाया है वह इतना सरल और सहज था कि हमें समझने में कोई दिक्कत नहीं हुई. जितना कमिटमेंट आप ने सिखाने का किया था उस से कई ज्यादा विषयों को आप ने उस कोर्स में सम्मिलित कर हमें उच्च गुणवत्ता का ज्ञान हमें प्रदान किया, हंसते खेलते माहौल में बगैर टेंशन के जो ज्ञान आप ने हमें दिया उसे समझने में कोई दिक्कत नहीं हुई. हमें ऐसे गुरु मिलना शायद परमात्मा की ही मर्जी थी. परम पिता परमात्मा आप को और आपके परिवार को सदा सुख समृद्धि से मालामाल करें यही परमपिता परमात्मा के चरणों में प्रार्थना है.🙏🌹 मैं अपनी और से Cup Cuar को * * * * * पांच स्टार देता हूं

I am writing to extend my heartfelt thanks for the opportunity to attend the recent cupcure training. I came all the way from Kenya .The sessions were not only informative but also incredibly inspiring. Thank you very much for a great training session. The program was enjoyable, and I learned a lot from it. You're the best trainer Mr. Nazir shaikh and your team was amazing. Thanks for being patient, encouraging and inspiring! Cupcure is highly 👌 recommendable ..

"I'm impressed not only by the effective cupping therapy at the institute but also by the dedicated coach and staff. Their commitment to providing a supportive and informative experience has truly enhanced my overall journey towards better health."

Excellent service and facilities have excellent in there profession …

First of all, I would thank Nazir sir and his team, sir provided as the best practical, explained good lecture and counselling, good facility provided for all students sir has properly clarified when there are doubts on which the students' data and sir have also clear the points, which points are of which disease? Thanks for nazir sir cupcare team & thanks for giving a good skill for all students

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#Cupping Training at Delhi May 2024
Hijama points for Urine Retention

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Hijama Therapy Course in Delhi

Delhi Hijama Therapy Course in Delhi Cup Cure Delhi is managed by Ruhi Imtiyaz under the mentorship of Dr. A Khan in Okhla, you can contact her on 88822 93964

Delhi Next Batch in Okhla on 3rd & 4th Dec 2022

Cupping therapy is an ancient treatment method utilized in folk medicine that has scientific proof of yielding beneficial and positive results. It releases accumulated toxins from the body and reenergizes the body with oxygenated blood. However, not everyone can do this therapy as it requires special skills to carry it out. We at CUPCURE have a team of healthcare professionals and experienced cupping therapists in Delhi. Our therapists have several years of experience and are trained personally by qualified cupping experts and doctors.
We provide cup treatments or Hijama therapy to our patients as well as educate enthusiastic learners about the benefits of alternative medicine. If you want to learn about alternative medicine or open your own business in providing cup therapy or earn a certificate in diploma of cupping therapy, then this course is for you. We provide both online and offline class benefits to learners and allow them to become experts in the field of cupping.
We have been recognized as one of India’s prestigious cupping therapy providers and certified with the prestigious ISO 9001 Certificate with the Egyptian Accreditation Council, IAF (International Accreditation Forum). Each of our therapists has completed their cupping or Hijama therapy course and has received their certificates. The certification only proves that they are expertly trained and experienced in carrying out cupping therapy and providing our customers with a curing experience. Apart from therapists, we also have a network and support of doctors and medical health professionals who guide our therapists throughout their course on cupping therapy and oversee giving correct treatments.

Courses Offered At CUPCURE

Our online cupping therapy course includes an understanding of the history of this ancient folk medicine and the practice of cupping in curing various ailments and diseases. We also impart to our students the science behind this therapy and introduce the cupping process to them through theoretical as well as practical demo classes. In these classes, the methods of cupping and the types of cupping are taught to the students, with a special focus on bloodletting methods and leech therapy. To better understand the effects of Hijama therapy, the students are taught about humans’ blood, body, and lymphatic anatomy by experienced doctors and medical professors. Some experts come from a theoretical background who teach the values of Islam and the importance of Hijama therapy in Islam, including a history of black magic, jinns, and the effect of natural elements like the moon and air on the body. Finally, the students will also have a chance of understanding from certified counselors. They will be taught about the effect of hormones on the body and the principle of effective listening. Scientific understandings and major breakthroughs are informed to the students and the general guidelines and precautions that one should follow while carrying out the cupping therapy.

Online Cupping Therapy Course in Delhi

To learn the art of cupping therapy course online, you need to enroll for this course, which costs an IR 6000. In the online cupping therapy course, you will get a chance to learn about the history and science of cupping and get to know all about the different cupping practices, the science behind these practices, and the guidelines and precautions that one needs to follow while carrying out the practices. Apart from this, you will also get the chance of appearing for exams online and getting to clear all your doubts and queries with a weekly session with cupping experts and doctors and get to meet your trainer. You will also need to clear the practical exam and get a certificate for completing the course.

Offline Cupping Therapy Course

With charges of INR 8000, our offline cupping course includes over two days, which means 16 hours of practical sessions with a trainer to understand the practical aspect of cupping and the rules and precautions that should be followed. You can also get the option of practicing for over 28 days and getting a certificate after completing the offline course and exams. We focus on the practical side of conducting successful cupping sessions and educate our students about the history, scientific research, validity, and logic of cupping and the necessary guidelines that they should follow while practicing individually.

Cosmetic Facial Cupping

The cosmetic facial cupping starts at a reasonable rate of INR 1500, and the classes are held online with a few practical classes with a special trainer. This course will proceed in a detailed step-by-step fashion where you will start with cleansing, exfoliation, Scrubbing, and go over to cupping, softening skin, extraction, massage, and mask treatments to achieve clear flawless skin. You can take the practical at your own pace and complete the course at your convenience. You will receive a certificate upon completion of this course.
Facial cupping is an ancient way to improve facial skin and make it look tighter and appear youthful. It removes the excess dirt and oil and helps in the circulation of blood and lymph. This reduces all skin-related problems and rejuvenates the skin to give it a more glowing look. We provide our cupping therapy course in Delhi, but you are free to attend our online classes and meet the experts online for clearing your doubts.


CUPCURE is a team that has introduced the ancient Islamic practice of cupping or Hijama to the modern world and offers a more natural solution to diseases and problems. The scientific community has recognized a branch of alternative medicine as providing effective and proven alternatives to treat various ailments. Our main effort is to provide cupping or Hijama therapy courses in Delhi to students and entrepreneurs through our professional experts, doctors, and trainers. We facilitate both online and offline certified diploma courses so that everyone can attend them at their convenience. Our vision is to create a network of cupping therapists, doctors, trainers, and educators in India to make this ancient healing tradition accessible to all at very reasonable rates. We believe in working together in harmony with all our staff and students and adopting peaceful means of spreading this ancient healing technique among all.
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