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Can You Pass The Why Is Cupping Therapy Certification Test?


Hijama cupping therapy is a natural, holistic healing therapy that is Islamic. Cupping therapy has grown in popularity substantially over the last decade around the world. There is a critical shortage of clinically certified Hijama practitioners and a need to serve more people to resurrect Islamic medicine’s golden period.Imagine having a career/profession that has been blessed by the Holy Prophet Muhammad!

A professional Hijama practitioner’s career is rewarding and beneficial both in this life and the next. To become a full-time Hijama practitioner, you must go through three stages:

  • Get your certification, focus your efforts and begin practising.
  • Start paying your debts and start earning your revenue.
  • Add tangible items to sell as well as other services.

So, let’s begin! Here’s why you need a cupping certification:

We now live in a world where a large portion of the population is ill. Furthermore, individuals have abandoned their healthy lifestyles and are becoming increasingly ill.

People are also forgetting the value of natural remedies owing to a lack of knowledge and awareness.

Almighty made a magnificent human body.

We have the power to keep it in check by combating disease and eliminating poisons.

It’s referred to as Homeostatic Balance.

However, when the body becomes unbalanced due to illness, our body’s ability to cure itself is harmed, and we become ill.

To restore balance, our bodies require a natural mechanism to eliminate these toxins, and cupping therapy is a terrific way to accomplish it (a natural method).

A professional and certified Hijama professional activates and enables the body’s Homeostatic mechanism by eliminating toxins, acids and excess fluids, allowing the body to recover itself progressively.

Modern medicine has its place and benefits, but it does not always treat the underlying cause of illness, whereas cupping therapy treats the blood directly.

Hijama and blood have been the subject of various clinical research. Unfortunately, many people are unaware of the benefits of Hijama cupping therapy.

Those who learn about it are unable to find a certified practitioner to help them. So, what are the options for resolving this issue? As a response, we now know that there is a significant demand for practitioners.

We may never receive therapy if we wait for others to learn Hijama and become Hijama Practitioners. Not just for yourself but also for your community, you should get a cupping certification.

If you want to pursue it as a career, you can begin your path by working with CUPCURE. Similarly, our students:

    • You’ll be working in a thriving natural health business.
    • You can schedule your work around your family and other obligations.
    • You will get an additional salary and sadaqa-e-jariya in the afterlife.
    • You will live a fulfilling life that will make you feel accomplished.
    • You will become more recognised in the community.
    • You shall also carry on your Hijama Legacy to the generations.

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Final Words

There’s nothing wrong with having a rewarding job where you earn a halal income while also performing a valuable service. To administer this treatment, you must be completely qualified.

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