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How to Become Cupping Expert with an Distance Course in India?


Hijama is an old Chinese technique that has recently gained popularity among celebrities. Cupping therapy is the current go-to therapy to look youthful and get rid of aches and pains in therapeutic, soothing sessions, with athletes like Michael Phelps and celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Aniston and Padma Lakshmi praising the various benefits of the alternative healing methods.

Hijama therapy, according to healers, can help you deal with chronic muscle discomfort, poor blood circulation and give your skin a healthy glow by stimulating blood flow around the lymph nodes and stretching out painful muscles and tissues. The procedure takes only a few minutes and provides both immediate and long-term benefits.

Moreover, cupping therapy can help with fibromyalgia, melancholy, anxiety, arthritis and blood diseases, including anaemia.

With so many benefits of hijama, the demand for certified cupping therapists has also taken a leap to the next level. So, it is definitely the right time to become an expert by opting for an onstream therapy course from a renowned institute like CUPCURE.

The Advantages of Taking the Distance Cupping Course

Our  Accessible cupping course is designed for total novices who want to learn about the theory and practise therapy. You\’ll discover how can be used to treat various ailments, both general and specialised, and you\’ll gain the confidence you need to practise and even start your own business, whether you approach a TCM, Hijama or other perspectives.

This course will offer you the tools you need to add cupping to your existing skill set if you already have a background in other forms of energy healing.

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Become an Expert with CUPCURE

Learn the theoretical and practical components of hijama, how to treat a variety of illnesses and establish your own  business by enrolling in the course at CUPCURE.

Our therapy course begins with an overview of the subject, including an explanation of what therapy is and exploring the various types of cupping. You\’ll explore the advantages of hijama therapy, starting with the overall health benefits of the procedure before moving on to specific diseases and cosmetic applications.

To get a better understanding of hijama, you\’ll learn about the history of the two most common varieties – TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and – as well as the history of cupping in lesser-known cultures. You\’ll also learn about recent history in the West. From there, you\’ll learn about modern, including its recent popularity, celebrity endorsements and more.

The hijama therapy course walks you through the principles of therapy, which is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine. Before learning about points and where they are located, you\’ll learn about fundamental TCM principles like the Meridian system, Yin and Yang and the Five Elements.

You\’ll be directed through the preparation stage, which includes learning about the equipment used and any contraindications to be aware of, as well as practical instruction for various types of hijama, other types of cupping and directions on treating various conditions.

After you\’ve mastered the theory and practise, our hijama therapy course will teach you how to run your own cupping business, including topics like professional bodies and marketing.

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